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About Us


Hi!  We are Spared. Your personal secondhand shopper at your service.

We love the notion of 'to spare' describing our mission and the benefit we aim to serve.

Choosing  to reuse, we spare time and resource for ourselves, and spare waste to the environment.

What inspires you to spare? 







and they outgrown them very quickly! On average, parents use more than 200 pieces of clothes per child in the first 2 years after the birth.  Parents are on the search for the next size every few months. That is a lot of money and time spent on maintaining our kids' wardrobe! 


Has it happened to you that a dozen of browser tabs open later, you forgot what you were originally looking for? As consumers, we are faced with an overwhelming selection and are constantly confronted with the paradox of choice. The burden of decision-making wears us down. Let us save our energy, focus and time for people and priorities that really matter in our lives.





Make reuse chic and easy 


Curated box of everyday essential wears that can be easily mixed and matched. No one box is the same; but every box is hand-picked to deliver quality, aesthetic, and a little surprise element.

Spare our planet, share joy



Fashion accounts of 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% waste water. By extending our clothes for a further 9 months, it reduces water and CO2 footprint up to 30%

 Give moms more "Me-Time"


We put relentless focus on convenience, simplicity and customer satisfaction. Moms are busy. We take care of the basic so you can treat yourself  -  be it to enjoy a shower, read a book, go for a walk, work on your side hustle. Or simply do nothing. 





Remember when “me-time” was something we indulged at the end of the week, and not something at the bottom of a to-do list? When you are a mom, trying to find the time to focus on yourself can feel impossible. Motherhood has changed my view on Time. Seeing my daughter grows each day in front of my eyes makes it tangible to grasp how quickly time flies away.

My time shrinks, my chores swell, more stuffs at home accumulate as my daughter grows. In 2020, as the world came to a halt, we reset. As a family, we rethink our consuming behavior. We reduce the stuffs we buy and cut out the “non-essential” activities. We create space for things we value and direct our attention intentionally. We learn to embrace “Less is More”.  

Spared was born in a mix of ideation - less hassle, less waste, more focus on things that matter. We are moms, but we are not only moms. Safeguard your time and attention, so that the sparkle inside you lit on.
We love to hear your version of Less is More.

Flo Li

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