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Our payout is straightforward, simple and transparent. Our goal is to provide a fair payout to encourage more parents to use our service and bring well-cared, gently used clothes to more families. 


Payout by Clothing Type   Price Range per Item*
Category 1: Bodys, Leggings, Tank tops 0.5 - 2 
Category 2: T-Shirt, Blouse, Shirts, Shorts  1 - 3 
Category 3: Jeans, Jumpsuit, Dress, One-piece, Pajama, Sweatshirt, Sweatpants 1 - 5 
Category 4: Knit pullover, Knit Jacket, Knit dress  2 - 8 
*Payout offer is calculated based on type, brand and condition. For example, items in excellent condition from fast fashion brands (such as H&M) will receive the minimum payout.


Payout Mode:

You can choose to receive cashback or a gift card code. Choose gift card to receive 30% more payout value on top. You can use the gift card, or gift it to a friend. A gift to help new parents to simplify their lives. 

Brands Parents Love: 

We welcome brands that are popular among families: H&M, Zara, Next, Verbaudet, Alana, Vertbaudet, GAP, Mango, Bellybutton, Esprit, S Oliver, Bornino, Feetje, Petit Bateau, Sterntaler, Steiff, Mini Boden, and many more. See FAQ for restrictions on brand. 

While we love giving clothes a second (and third…) life, we guarantee clothing of good quality to the next families. Because of this, we thoroughly check each item and only payout for clothes that are in very good used condition, which is no fading, pilling and free of stain, rips or very visible signs of wear.  

We accept items from fast fashion brands in excellent condition. We will not be able to offer a payout for clothing from fast fashion brands that are noticeably worn out or have blemishes. You are welcome to donate them to us (along with qualified items to sell). We will find ways for them to be enjoyed by others, upcycle or donate appropriately so they don’t end up in landfill.


    See Selling FAQs and Condition Guide for more detail. 



    We are a business that aims to offer a convenient solution for parents. You will likely get more paid selling clothes in peer-to-peer marketplaces, which is more time-consuming. We save you all the work and time to take photos, upload items online, exchange messages and run multiple-trips to the post office. We hope you value your time more than the extra margin of selling yourself individually.